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Vendor Core Announced Instruction set Big/little "Family"
ARM Cortex-X2 2021/05[1][2] ARMv9 Big Austin[3]
ARM Cortex-A710 2021/05[1] ARMv9 Big Austin[3]
ARM Cortex-A510 2021/05[1] ARMv9 Little Cambridge[3]
ARM Cortex-X1 2020/05[4][5] ARMv8.2-A Big Austin[6]
ARM Neoverse N2 2021/04[7] ARMv9 Austin
ARM Neoverse V1 2021/04[8] ARMv8.6 Austin
ARM Cortex-A78 2020/05[4][9] ARMv8.2-A Big Austin[6]
ARM Cortex-A77 2019/05[10][11] ARMv8.2-A Big Austin[6]
ARM Neoverse N1 2019/02[12] ARMv8.2 Austin
ARM Cortex-A76 2018/05[13][14] ARMv8.2-A Big Austin[15]
ARM Cortex-A75 2017/05[16][17] ARMv8.2-A Big Sophia[15]
ARM Cortex-A73 2016/05[18][19] ARMv8-A Big Sophia[15]
ARM Cortex-A72 2015/02[20][21] ARMv8-A Big Austin[15]
ARM Cortex-A65 2018/12[22] ARMv8.2-A Little Chandler[23]
ARM Cortex-A57 2012/10[24] ARMv8-A Big Austin[15]
ARM Cortex-A55 2017/05[16][25] ARMv8.2-A Little Cambridge[15]
ARM Cortex-A53 2012/10[24] ARMv8-A Little Cambridge[15]
ARM Cortex-A35 2015/11[26][27] ARMv8-A Little
ARM Cortex-A34 2019[28] ARMv8-A Little
Apple Firestorm 2020/09 ARMv8.4-A Big
Apple Icestorm 2020/09 ARMv8.4-A Little
Apple Lightning 2019/09 ARMv8.4-A Big
Apple Thunder 2019/09 ARMv8.4-A Little
Apple Vortex 2018/09 ARMv8.3-A Big
Apple Tempest 2018/09 ARMv8.3-A Little
Apple Monsoon 2017/09 ARMv8.2-A Big
Apple Mistral 2017/09 ARMv8.2-A Little
Apple Hurricane 2016/09 ARMv8.1-A Big
Apple Zephyr 2016/09 ARMv8.1-A Little
Apple Twister 2015/09 ARMv8.0-A -
Apple Typhoon 2014/09 ARMv8.0-A -
Apple Cyclone 2013/09 ARMv8.0-A -
Qualcomm Kryo 2015/09[29] ARMv8-A -
Samsung M5 2019/10[30] ARMv8.2-A Big
Samsung M4 2018/11[31] ARMv8.2-A Big
Samsung M3 2018/01[32] ARMv8.2-A Big
Samsung M2 2017/02[33] ARMv8.2-A Big
Samsung M1 2015/11[34] ARMv8-A Big
Nvidia Carmel 2018/01[35] ARMv8.2-A -
Nvidia Denver 2 2016/08[36] ARMv8-A -
Nvidia Denver 2014/08[37] ARMv8-A -
Marvell (Cavium) ThunderX3 2020/03[38] ARMv8.3-A -
Cavium (Avago/Broadcom) ThunderX2 2018/05[39] ARMv8.1-A -
Cavium ThunderX 2014/06[40] ARMv8-A -
Applied Micro X-Gene 3 2017 ARMv8-A -
Applied Micro X-Gene 2 2015 ARMv8-A -
Applied Micro Helix 2014 ARMv8-A -
Applied Micro X-Gene 2013 ARMv8-A -
Fujitsu A64FX 2019/11[41] ARMv8.2-A -
HiSilicon/Huawei TaiShan V110 2019/01[42] ARMv8.2-A -
Vendor Core Announced Instruction set Big/little "Family"


Vendor Core Announced Instruction set Big/little "Family"
ARM Cortex-A32 2016/02[43][44] ARMv8-A Little
ARM Cortex-A17 2014/02[45][46] ARMv7-A Big Sophia[15]
ARM Cortex-A15 2010/08[47] ARMv7-A Big Austin[15]
ARM Cortex-A12 2013/06[48] ARMv7-A - Sophia[15]
ARM Cortex-A9 2007/10[49] ARMv7-A - Sophia[15]
ARM Cortex-A8 2005[50] ARMv7-A -
ARM Cortex-A7 2011/10[51] ARMv7-A Little Cambridge[15]
ARM Cortex-A5 2009/10[52] ARMv7-A Little Cambridge[15]
Qualcomm Krait 2012 ARMv7-A - -
Apple Swift 2012/09 ARMv7-A - -
Qualcomm Scorpion 2008 ARMv7-A - -
Vendor Core Announced Instruction set Big/little "Family"


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Arm Total Compute solutions bring performance, security and Armv9 to the broadest range of Client devices
  2. The foundation of Total Compute: First Armv9 Cortex CPUs
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 ARM Announces Mobile Armv9 CPU Microarchitectures: Cortex-X2, Cortex-A710 & Cortex-A510
  4. 4.0 4.1 New Arm IP delivers true digital immersion for the 5G era
  5. Introducing the Arm Cortex-X Custom Program
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 Arm's New Cortex-A78 and Cortex-X1 Microarchitectures: An Efficiency and Performance Divergence
  7. Neoverse N2 - Arm's first Armv9 Infrastructure CPU
  8. Arm Neoverse V1 Platform: Unleashing a new performance tier for Arm-based computing
  9. Arm Cortex-A78 CPU: Sustained Performance for Greater Digital Immersion
  10. Delivering next-generation AI experiences for the 5G world
  11. New Arm Cortex-A77 CPU continues path towards compute performance leadership
  12. Arm Neoverse N1 Platform: Accelerating the transformation to a scalable cloud to edge infrastructure
  13. For Small Screens to Large: Introducing a New Suite of IP for Premium Mobile Experiences
  14. Cortex-A76: Laptop-Class Performance With Mobile Efficiency
  15. 15.00 15.01 15.02 15.03 15.04 15.05 15.06 15.07 15.08 15.09 15.10 15.11 15.12 Arm's Cortex-A76 CPU Unveiled: Taking Aim at the Top for 7nm
  16. 16.0 16.1 Accelerating AI experiences from edge to cloud
  17. Arm Cortex-A75: ground-breaking performance for intelligent solutions
  18. Latest ARM Premium Mobile Technology to Drive Immersive Experiences
  19. New ARM Cortex-A73 Processor drives efficiency, performance for mobile designs
  20. ARM Sets New Standard for the Premium Mobile Experience
  21. ARM Cortex-A72 and the New Premium Mobile Experience
  22. New Arm technology will strengthen driver trust on the road to safe mass autonomous deployment
  23. Arm Announces Cortex-A65AE for Automotive: First SMT CPU Core
  24. 24.0 24.1 ARM Launches Cortex-A50 Series, the World’s Most Energy-Efficient 64-bit Processors
  25. Arm Cortex-A55: Efficient performance from edge to cloud
  26. New ARM Cortex-A35 Processor Extends the ARMv8-A Architecture Deeper Into Mobile and Embedded Markets
  27. Introducing Cortex-A35: ARM's Most Efficient Application Processor
  28. Arm Flexible Access: Design the SoC Before Spending Money
  29. Snapdragon 820 and Kryo CPU: heterogeneous computing and the role of custom compute
  30. New Premium Mobile Processor and 5G Modem Unveiled at Samsung Tech Day
  31. Samsung Brings On-device AI Processing for Premium Mobile Devices with Exynos 9 Series 9820 Processor
  32. Samsung Optimizes Premium Exynos 9 Series 9810 for AI Applications and Richer Multimedia Content
  33. Samsung Launches Premium Exynos 9 Series Processor Built on the World’s First 10nm FinFET Process Technology
  34. Samsung Unveils the Latest Application Processor, Exynos 8 Octa, Built on 14-Nanometer FinFET Process Technology
  35. NVIDIA DRIVE Xavier, World’s Most Powerful SoC, Brings Dramatic New AI Capabilities
  36. Get Under the Hood of Parker, Our Newest SOC for Autonomous Vehicles
  37. Mile High Milestone: Tegra K1 “Denver” Will Be First 64-bit ARM Processor for Android
  38. The Next Generation of ThunderX Delivers Performance and Power Advantages to Cloud and HPC Server Markets
  39. Cavium Announces ThunderX2® General Availability
  40. Cavium Introduces ThunderX™: A 2.5 GHz, 48 Core Family of Workload Optimized Processors for Next Generation Data Center and Cloud Applications
  41. Fujitsu Launches New PRIMEHPC Supercomputers Using Fugaku Technology
  42. Huawei Unveils Industry's Highest-Performance ARM-based CPU
  43. New Ultra-efficient ARM Cortex-A32 Processor Expands Embedded and IoT Portfolio
  44. Introducing Cortex-A32: ARM’s smallest, lowest power ARMv8-A processor
  45. ARM Enhances IP Suite for 2015 Mid-Range Mobile and Consumer Markets
  46. Introducing ARM Cortex-A17 – a New Performance Point in Mid-range Mobile
  47. ARM Aims at Intel, Cortex A15 Headed for Smartphones, Notebooks and Servers
  48. ARM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Optimize Next-Generation ARM Mobile Processors for 28nm-SLP Process Technology
  49. The Birth & Evolution of Cortex-A9, and What’s Coming Next…
  50. ARM Introduces Industry's Fastest Processor For Low-Power Mobile And Consumer Applications
  51. ARM's Cortex A7: Bringing Cheaper Dual-Core & More Power Efficient High-End Devices
  52. ARM Introduces New Cortex-A5 Power-Efficient and Cost-Effective Multicore Processor